Meet the SDA Team

Our Administrators 

   Carmen, Scheduling Coordinator, Christine, Office Manager, Laurie, Insurance Coordinator  

(pictured from left to right)


  Alexa, Receptionist

Our administrative team is dedicated to providing you with a beautiful smile and excellent patient service. With years of training and expertise, each member of our team treats patients like a member of their own families.  "We pride ourselves on customer service and we work together seamlessly to maximize your insurance benefits, helping you obtain the treatment you need or desire in the most cost-effective manner."


Our Dental Hygienists

Christine, R.D.H. , Nancy, R.D.H., Tori, R.D.H., Pam, R.D.H., 

(Pictured from left to right)

Our dental hygienists are crucial to the success of care you receive at Sparta Dental Arts. They are highly skilled and highly trained professionals, instrumental in the maintenance of your oral and dental health. They have received advanced training in the non-surgical treatment and maintenance of periodontal disease (gum disease), the most prevalent and potentially dangerous oral infection. Their goal is the prevention of this disease by facilitating your preventative dental prophylaxis (cleaning) and providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to do your part in its prevention. They are certified in dental radiography and take routine radiographs (x-rays) of your teeth to aid in the early diagnosis of dental problems. You can count on them to stay up to date on the latest advances in periodontal therapy and provide you with detailed oral hygiene instructions so you can continue to care for your smile between visits.


Our Dental Assistants 

Kaitie, Dental Assistant, Christine, C.D.A., R.D.A., Dana, C.D.A., R.D.A. 

(Pictured from left to right)

Our dental assistants work closely with your dentists to make sure you are comfortable and receive excellent care. They are highly skilled and trained to facilitate the efficiency of your treatment.  In addition to directly assisting the doctors, they are also certified to serve you through the areas of radiography, sterilization, and expanded functions including impressions, construction of temporary crowns, charting and sterilization.  They make every effort to assure you have a sensational experience.  












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